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By | June 3, 2011

An old friend of Blokus, Sjoerd Mayer, made this amazing program for saving and replaying blokus games.  You can play out the moves in a game, save the game, and then go forward and backward looking at the moves individually.  As a tool for saving games, it is the best around. As a tool for learning blokus, it is invaluable.  When I was a beginner I spent a lot of time going through old games on this program step by step, trying to understand why the experts made the moves they did.

The program should be pretty straight forward to use, but please feel free to send me a message if you need help using it.

There are a number of old .blk files (compatible with this program) floating around, but there is only one included with this download.  Try asking around online to see if people have some others.  The one file provided is of a tournament final from the early days of Blokus, and takes place between two of the very best players at the time: teta and Phl1.

I will also be using this program to help with future information I post here, especially from the Live Commentary section.

You can download the file here.          (This link:


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  3. Markus

    Maybe you are interested in the initial version of my new open-source Blokus program Pentobi, which I released yesterday. The file format is not compatible with Sjoerd Meyer’s program but based on the Smart Game Format, which allows to include move variations. Pentobi has a medium strength computer player for the game variants Classic, Classic Two-Player, and Duo.

    So far, only a binary for Windows is available but developers should be able to compile native versions for Linux and probably Mac OS X (I never tested it on the Mac because I don’t have one). The Windows binary also works in Wine.

    I would be interested in some feedback, bug reports or a review of the program. The homepage is

    – Markus


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