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By | June 3, 2011

Note: The games in this thread use the Sjoerd Meyer Program for storing games.  I no longer use this format, and now use the current Pentobi.  If you don’t have it – get it!  For now, you can still get the Meyer program from the link on my blog, and still watch this game using that program, but you can also look at the newer live commentary posts, which as of now will all use Pentobi.  When I get around to it, I will update the files from this commentary to pentobi files as well.

Hi everyone,

I have decided to try something fun and different – spoken commentary recorded live during a real game.  In this case, the commentary was made with the help of Rubik87.

During a recent tournament game (part of the Blokus Nations Cup) between Bobby_Bob (Canada) and guiduf (Belgium), Rubik and I commented on the game while in progress, and recorded our thoughts on the moves the players made, and sometimes the moves they didn’t make.

You can download the audio file below, but there is no video to go with it.  For best viewing, you should download the Sjoerd Meyer Blokus  Program for viewing games, and then get the .blk file for this particular game (below).  Open the blokus program, and go to the beginning of the game using the arrow keys.  As you’re listening to the commentary, whenever a move is made (usually stated in the commentary), click the forward button in the program to see the move.

If you are against using this program for some reason, I have also attached the final screen shots of the games, but be aware that it is significantly harder to get anything out of a screen shot of the final board position than it is to see the moves as they are made.

I created a zip archive with the audio file, the .blk and the screen shot for each game in the match.

Game 1:  guiduf vs. Bobby_Bob

Get the files here:          (Link:

Game 2: Bobby_Bob vs. guiduf

Get the files here:          (Link:

I hope you all enjoy these files, and any comments would be quite welcome.


6 thoughts on “Live Commentary #1

  1. Markus

    Hi. Thanks for the interesting commentary. One question: I am not familiar with the .blk file format. Is there some source on the web who invented it or what its syntax is? I understand that Sjoerd Meyer’s program also supports it but I am not using Windows, so I cannot use it. Thanks.

    1. infamouswhiteknight Post author

      Hi Markus,
      The .blk format was designed specifically for Sjoerd Meyer’s program, and there is no other program that uses it. It should be use-able on non-Windows operating systems using a simple Windows emulator. I use Wine (on Linux, but it can be used with Mac too), and the Meyer program works like a charm with it. What OS are you using?

  2. Bobby_Bob

    hi guys

    some specific comments about the games:

    game1: Blue bonus was possible way before green i4. I was able to make it with Meyer’s program as far as green z4 and i did not try farther. When i was thinking about playing my green i4 i knew i could not avoid bonus anyway.

    game2: My red i1 was quite bad. I think i was nervous at that point… I knew i was winning the match and just wanted to finish placing the tiles. Indeed it would have been better to play red i4 at the bottom left.

    It was interesting to hear the comments… As Rubik mentionned you had not much time for a good analysis but at least it can help people to understand what are some important considerations when making a move. Considering the time limitation, i think you did a great job.

    thank you

  3. Markus

    Thanks for the info. I am using Linux, so if the program works with Wine, that would be an option. But I am still a bit reluctant to run a binary-only program from an unknown origin for security reasons. Do you know Sjoerd Meyer yourself? Did you make the download link available or he?

  4. infamouswhiteknight Post author

    Hi Markus,
    I have never met Sjoerd, though I have met people who have met him.
    The version here was repackaged by me, and the link is hosted by me (through dropbox) as well. I use this specific version on wine with no trouble.


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