About The Author

My name is Eric Hart. I recently completed a PhD in mathematics at the University of Toronto, I also have a Masters in mathematics, and an undergraduate degree in engineering from Queen’s university.

I am one of the creators and site administrators of the website pentolla.com – currently the only place to play competitive blokus online.  My username there is infamouswhiteknight.  I have been one of the top ranked Blokus players for more than 10 years, often the highest, both at pentolla.com and blokus.com before that.  If you see me online feel free to say hello and start a conversation.

As well as playing Blokus, and helping with the pentolla.com website administration, I am also an avid soccer player, cyclist, and hiker/canoeist when I can make time. My wife and I love to mix travelling with outdoor adventure – most recently (summer of 2014) we hiked the Chilkoot trail from Alaska to BC.

You can see a (hopefully current) copy of my CV here.