Freestyle 2012 – Final game file

By | August 11, 2012


Freestyle Blokus is a variant where one player first chooses the starting pieces for blue and red, and then the other player decides who will play as blue/red, and who will play as yellow/green.  This style of game eliminates (at least mostly) the advantage of going first, and so a “match” typically consists of only one game, instead of two games.

Each year there is a Freestyle championship held between January and March.  In 2012 the finalists were infamouswhiteknight and guiduf.  infamouswhiteknight chose the pieces for blue/red, and guiduf chose to play as yellow and green.  The game was incredibly close, with guiduf winning by a single point, and it was widely considered to be an example of an exceptionally well played and tight game.

I have included a .blksgf of the game, with some comments, and a few variations to explore some other possible moves.

The game file is here (link:

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