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Games from BBT6

Here are pentobi finals from the BBT6 tournament.  Guiduf won the tournament beating IWK (me) in the finals.  Pentti79 beat norocgogule for 3rd place.   Final game 1: IWK vs Guiduf: here (link: Final game 2: Guiduf vs IWK: here (link: Little Final game 1: Pentti vs Noroc: here (link: Little Final game 2: Noroc vs Pentti: here (link:

Masters Series 2011 Files

Hi all, Here are some links to files from the 2011 Masters Series.  All the game files are .blksgf files, and you will need Pentobi to open them.  Some of the files have some comments on a few of the moves.  More comments may be added later.  The first two games also have live commentary… Read More »