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What’s the Error? A Case Study From FS2013

On Febuary 5th 2013, a Freestyle game between the 2-time (and currently defending) Freestyle champion, Guiduf, and 2011 Freestyle finalist, Bears34 took place.  Depending on the outcome of the game, one of the players would move on to round 3, and the other would be eliminated from the tournament.  In order for Guiduf to advance,… Read More »

Blokus Palooza 2012 Finals

The Blokus Palooza 2012 finals took place between Mike_Yosuke and ccc33.  Mike won both games, and the tournament.  I have made comments about the games in two separate .blksgf files. The first game of the finals is here (link: The second game of the finals is here (link:

Freestyle 2012 – Final game file

Freestyle Blokus is a variant where one player first chooses the starting pieces for blue and red, and then the other player decides who will play as blue/red, and who will play as yellow/green.  This style of game eliminates (at least mostly) the advantage of going first, and so a “match” typically consists of only… Read More »

Colour-Kill Defense

At some point in the future I will write a whole blog post on how to defend against colour-kills, but in the mean time, here is some commentary from a real game.  In this game, blue and red tried to kill yellow with the standard I5/I5 colour kill, and yellow played a very strong defense… Read More »

BBT4 – Finals game files with comments

The yearly Belgian Blokus Tournament took place this past weekend.  Rubik87 was crowned the champion for the 4th year in a row!  Congratulations to Rubik! In the finals this year his opponent was patapum – a BBT newcomer, who managed to pull off a win against Rubik with yellow – no easy feat! Below are… Read More »

Live Commentary #2

The following is live commentary made during the first game of the 2011 Masters Series, between Rubik87 and guiduf.  The commentary was made by Bobby_Bob and myself (infamouswhiteknight).  The game files are .blksgf format, and you will need the program Pentobi to view them.  To download those files, right click the link and choose “save… Read More »

Live Commentary #1

Note: The games in this thread use the Sjoerd Meyer Program for storing games.  I no longer use this format, and now use the current Pentobi.  If you don’t have it – get it!  For now, you can still get the Meyer program from the link on my blog, and still watch this game using… Read More »

Comments From Real Games – 2

This game was played between me (blue) and another Top-10 player (yellow).  It should be clear from looking at the finished game that something went wrong for Y/G – not only did B get big bonus, but even R did better than both Y and G.  Y/G was at least successful in scoring well, as… Read More »

Comments from Real Games

In this category I will attempt to add snapshots from real games that took place online (usually between highly ranked players), and comment on good, or bad, moves that come up. In this first entry I give a game that took place earlier today.  Both players are ranked in the top-10 on  I have… Read More »