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Blokus Community Meeting

To all members of the Blokus community: Currently the site has been taken down for reasons that most of you probably at least partially understand.  Many community members have come together to try to act as a single unit, and work to get the website we love back to a usable condition as quickly as… Read More »


I no longer use the Meyer program for saving game files, I now use Pentobi – an open source blokus program.  Pentobi has a working AI that you can play against (a decent-level player, by far the best computer program to date).  It also allows files to have multiple “lines of play”, so that you… Read More »

Sjoerd Meyer Program

An old friend of Blokus, Sjoerd Mayer, made this amazing program for saving and replaying blokus games.  You can play out the moves in a game, save the game, and then go forward and backward looking at the moves individually.  As a tool for saving games, it is the best around. As a tool for… Read More »

Cut or Kiss

The purpose of this post is to define Cut and Kiss moves.  I intend to make a post about when to choose one or the other later, but this post is only about definitions. A cut move is a move that hangs over (or hangs back from) an opponents corner.  The defining property of a… Read More »


This is a list of words that come up in the blog that may not be obvious to new (or in some cases experienced) blokus players.  I will try to keep updating it.  If you are unsure of the meaning of something in the blog, please let me know and I will try to clarify… Read More »

Piece Names

When discussing blokus, one will frequently need to refer to the different pieces.  Luckily there is a standard set of names for the pieces that can be used to make this very easy.  I will use these names extensively in this blog, and reading the blog will be significantly easier once you know all the… Read More »