Early Pieces, Rubik Length and True Length

Okay, so you know that you need to move toward the middle of the board at the start of the game, and you know that you should be doing it with your biggest pieces.  But which pieces?  And which orientation should they be in? As for which pieces, some are just better than others.  One… Read More »

BBT4 – Finals game files with comments

The yearly Belgian Blokus Tournament took place this past weekend.  Rubik87 was crowned the champion for the 4th year in a row!  Congratulations to Rubik! In the finals this year his opponent was patapum – a BBT newcomer, who managed to pull off a win against Rubik with yellow – no easy feat! Below are… Read More »

Live Commentary #2

The following is live commentary made during the first game of the 2011 Masters Series, between Rubik87 and guiduf.  The commentary was made by Bobby_Bob and myself (infamouswhiteknight).  The game files are .blksgf format, and you will need the program Pentobi to view them.  To download those files, right click the link and choose “save… Read More »

Masters Series 2011 Files

Hi all, Here are some links to files from the 2011 Masters Series.  All the game files are .blksgf files, and you will need Pentobi to open them.  Some of the files have some comments on a few of the moves.  More comments may be added later.  The first two games also have live commentary… Read More »


I no longer use the Meyer program for saving game files, I now use Pentobi – an open source blokus program.  Pentobi has a working AI that you can play against (a decent-level player, by far the best computer program to date).  It also allows files to have multiple “lines of play”, so that you… Read More »

Puzzle 2: Intermediate End-Game

Thanks to Tradersean for providing this puzzle. In this game, you are Yellow and Green (Yellow is dead), and are trying to win the end-game.  Be aware that Blue and Red both still have moves that can be made, and you should try to have them make the best moves possible given your choices, so… Read More »

Puzzle 1: Expert Packing

Problem: Yellow and Green have killed Red.  Get the biggest possible win by placing as many Blue pieces as possible. An image of the puzzle is posted below. The pentobi file with the problem is here (link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/27727822/Puzzles/ExpertPacking/ExpertPacking-Problem.blksgf) The pentobi file with the solution is here (link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/27727822/Puzzles/ExpertPacking/ExpertPacking-Solution.blksgf) Enjoy.

Live Commentary #1

Note: The games in this thread use the Sjoerd Meyer Program for storing games.  I no longer use this format, and now use the current Pentobi.  If you don’t have it – get it!  For now, you can still get the Meyer program from the link on my blog, and still watch this game using… Read More »

Sjoerd Meyer Program

An old friend of Blokus, Sjoerd Mayer, made this amazing program for saving and replaying blokus games.  You can play out the moves in a game, save the game, and then go forward and backward looking at the moves individually.  As a tool for saving games, it is the best around. As a tool for… Read More »

Fight or Flight – The Solution (part 1)

In Fight or Flight – The Problem, I discussed the easy part: situations where you might fall into the trap of playing a bad move (specifically a compound error), and what kinds of moves might be bad in these cases.  The hard part is recognizing these specific moves, and finding better alternatives. The key to… Read More »